YWCA Auckland was the very first social enterprise in New Zealand, and is part of the world’s largest women’s organisation; a global network of 25 million women leading social and economic change in over 120 countries worldwide.


YWCA Auckland’s vision of giving women the opportunity to realise a better future is lived out through its successful programmes. These programmes explore issues such as financial literacy and economic independence, as well as equipping participants with leadership skills, confidence, and resilience. For the past four years, the focus of our advocacy has been Equal Pay in New Zealand. 

Today, women are still paid 14% less than men (New Zealand Income Survey: June 2015 quarter). This presents a cause for action and we’re calling for a fairer future.

What we are doing
The inaugural YWCA Equal Pay Awards was launched in 2014, recognising best practice among business leaders who are on the journey toward equal pay. As Susan Doughty, previous YWCA Board Chair and Equal Pay Awards Judge, says, “This is not purely a female issue – society as a whole needs to take this issue seriously. Fair and equitable pay rates mean more females are able to enter and contribute to the workforce creating a valuable labour pool, and a higher overall income is achieved, benefiting the family, the economy and society as a whole. ”Equal pay organisations benefit too, attracting talent by being an employer of choice, enjoying an enhanced corporate reputation and unleashing the economic potential of  their female workforce."

Any questions?
Please email us on equalpay@akywca.org.nz or call us on 09 522 8219 and we can help with your entry.