YWCA Equal Pay Awards

For the fourth year running, YWCA Auckland is inviting business leaders who champion equal pay within their organisations, to step forward and be counted to become thought leaders to those not yet on the equal pay journey, inspiring them to help create a fairer future for everyone.

Equal Pay Leaders of New Zealand

Since the inaugural YWCA Equal Pay Awards, we are proud to profile our winners.
In the words of Susan Doughty, YWCA Equal Pay Awards judge and Partner in EY’s People Advisory Services practice:

“Remuneration specialists, like myself, are seeing more openness and willingness to address equal pay among New Zealand employers. As judges we have been impressed by the level of transparency and honesty coming through in The Awards entries over the past two years. Businesses have fronted up to the pay gaps they have uncovered, showing us their challenges warts and all. These organisations have been quick to act, sharing their response plan and the innovative strategies implemented to address the issues.

YWCA Equal Pay Awards winners and indeed all who entered these awards to date, will greatly benefit by being on the equal pay journey, including attracting a better pool of talent, enjoying improved engagement scores among their staff and experiencing higher retention rates. We hope these shining examples will inspire the wider business community to follow suit.”