Equal Pay Awards 2019

Congratulations to all our 2018 winners.

We were the first country where women were given the right to vote, we now have our third female Prime Minister, and we believe we should be aiming to be the first country in the world where women earn 100% equal pay for equal work. 

The YWCA Equal Pay Awards, now in its 6th year, celebrates, encourages and motivates New Zealand businesses to get on the equal pay journey and share best practice initiatives and policies in this complex and sensitive area.  Year after year awards entrants have proven that equal pay for equal work is not just good for company culture, it also results in tangible business benefits. We want to hear your story now – tell us about what you have done to address your gender pay gap and what influences that has had on your organisation.

Why enter the YWCA Equal Pay Awards?

If equal pay and human rights are important to your organisation, there are many great reasons to enter the 2019 YWCA Equal Pay Awards:

  1. Be recognised as thought leaders and champions in gender pay equality, which will also enhance your corporate reputation.
  2. Become an employer of choice for top talent looking for forward-thinking organisations.
  3. Celebrate your achievements and acknowledge the hard work of the people in your organisation who have driven the changes.
  4. The entry process and feedback from judging can be used to help develop your internal process and systems.
  5. You will join a network that has access to resources and mentoring sessions to learn from others journeys.
  6. Develop benchmarks for industry standards to see how own organisation compares.
  7. Meet like-minded awards entrants and be inspired by other equal pay champions.


For the sixth year running, YWCA Auckland is inviting business leaders who champion equal pay within their organisations to step forward and be counted, to become thought leaders for those not yet on the equal pay journey, inspiring them to help create a fairer future for everyone.