Entry to the 2019 YWCA Equal Pay Awards is now closed

Equal Pay Award Categories

  • In 2019 we have six award categories – five for organisations and one for an individual. 
  • A Supreme Winner will be selected from the entrants in the five organisational categories.
  • An organisation may enter as many categories as they want however, additional entry fees apply ($400 per entry).
  • It is free to enter the individual category.
  • The Awards celebration will take place on 12 November 6-8:30pm at The Sapphire Room, Ponsonby Central, Auckland. Tickets are on sale HERE


This award celebrates innovative responses to addressing the equal pay gap. These organisations are not afraid to try new things and look outside the box. An organisation may enter one or more initiatives however, additional entry fees apply.


This award celebrates organisations who exemplify excellence. These organisations understand the benefits of gender equality and lead the way for others to follow.  They are role models who are active in the community and media sharing their stories and inspiring others to follow. 


This award recognises organisations who have demonstrated commitment to Equal Pay and continue to make sustained advances and improvements to address the issue.  They have created a working environment where individuals, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities. 

On the Journey

This Award recognises a milestone achievement by an organisation, which has just begun to embark on its equal pay journey. Organisations may enter one or more initiative that are no more than two years old and they can relate to any of the organisational Award categories.


This Award recognises an organisation in the ‘profit for purpose’ or ‘not-for-profit’ sectors.  We recognise that these organisations have unique pay challenges compared to the private sector and by sharing achievements through this award category, we hope to inspire other organisations to come on the journey.  Organisations may enter one or more initiative and they can relate to any of the organisational Award categories.


An organisation or individual can nominate this award to go to an individual who has demonstrated commitment to Equal Pay and gender equality.  Someone who has inspired others, shared their story, stood up for what they believe and made a meaningful impact. An individual may also choose to enter on their own accord.


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