Payroll Giving

Have your donations deducted from your pay and the tax credit applied immediately.

Payroll giving allows you as an employee to ‘give as you earn’ by making donations directly from your pay to approved recipient organisations. For every dollar you donate,  you receive 1/3 back as a tax credit in the same pay period. No more holding onto receipts for a year, no more tax returns. The deduction and the credit are all done automatically for you through your employers payroll system.

Employees in participating companies simply nominate a charity or organisation, as long as it has IRD approved status, to donate to from their pay. The employee receives an immediate 33.33 per cent tax rebate, so if someone gives $15, it only costs them $10.01, but the organisation receives the full $15.

Payroll giving is a voluntary scheme and as such, your employer has the choice whether to make this option available to you, and may restrict the choice of charities they will facilitate donations for.

Please, include the YWCA Auckland in your payroll giving scheme. YWCA Auckland staff are happy to make presentations to staff and or employers about payroll giving and why YWCA Auckland should be your charity of choice. Email your request to the Fundraising team now Detailed information for employers and employees is available on the Inland Revenue website.

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